Release 4.2 Changes 30 Dec 2021

  • New: (gRPC) Enabled multiple http2 connections on a single channel
  • New: (gRPC|WCF|REST) Moved to .NET 6
  • New: (gRPC|WCF|REST) Added support for removing outliers from performance test
  • New: (gRPC|WCF|REST) Reduced memory allocations (less GC pauses) during perf tests
  • New: (gRPC|WCF|REST) UI performances updates (less freeze)
  • New: (gRPC|WCF|REST) Performances updates (less garbage collection)
  • New: (gRPC|WCF|REST) Added count of items (in the tree editor) for collection types
  • Fix: (gRPC|WCF|REST) Fixed collection was modified error on Burst tests
  • Fix: (gRPC|WCF|REST) prevent delete of service client used by functional and perf tests
  • Fix: (gRPC|WCF|REST) removed the limit of 20 items for collection items when displaying in a tree editor

Thank you so much for reporting defects! - Erik