The only software that supports testing of OData services

Most tools will force you to test OData as a normal HTTP-based service. FINT hides all the HTTP mess by building a strongly-typed client. 
You wouldn't even need to learn the OData query syntax because FINT will have a nice, easy-to-use editor for you.





For individuals


59 USD 
per user, per year







149 USD 
per user, per year







995 USD 
1 license for max 50 users, per year





for more than 50 licenses.

Please contact us and get a quote




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Do you want to use FINT for an open source project? Send an email to to get your free license




What payment methods are supported?

Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Paypal, Bank transfer.  All payments are processed by


Do I have to renew the license every year?

No, licenses do not expire. Within 1 year of purchase, software upgrades and email support is free.  However after 1 year, if you still would like to receive upgrades and support,  please contact us to get a discount on the subscription license


Can I get a discount?

Sure! Just drop an email to 


What is the difference between the Personal, Professional and Enterprise licenses?

The difference is listed here.