Installation Steps

  1. Download the Fint Installer (fintsetup-x64.exe)
  2. After it has finished downloading, run it and follow the installation wizard to completion


Steps to create a WCF Client

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Fint and double click on Fint.exe. You should see the following home screen
  2. Click on the plus icon to add a new service client
  3. In the Create the dialog that popped up, Enter the following

    Client Type : WCF
    Name         :  {Enter a name for the client}
    Address     :  {Enter the url of the service metadata}  
  4. Click OK
  5. Wait for a second or two for FINT to generate and compile the WCF client.  Once it's done you'll see it in the list
  6. Once its in the list, Click Open to open the client.


Youtube Tutorial on testing a WCF Service using FINT