Functional and Performance Testing of gRPC, REST, WCF, SOAP and OData services in a single client   

FINT is the swiss-army knife of microservice testing



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Check out FintX ! Our open-source, cross-platform, native (no javascript here) gRPC test bench


Quickly add gRPC, REST, WCF and OData Services


Fully supports adding gRPC, REST, WCF and OData services. Discover gRPC *.proto files or via server reflection. Discover WCF and OData services through their metadata endpoints


Create gRPC, REST, WCF and OData performance test cases


See how your gRPC, REST, WCF or OData service performs by running performance tests against it.  Different types of load can be simulated (Constant Load, Incremental Load, Burst Load).  A real-time plot of various performance metrics are shown.  The distribution of of OK and error responses is also generated


Create gRPC, REST, WCF and OData functional test cases


You can create functional test cases and save your test input, create and execute validation rules, generate the test report (html) with a Pass or Fail.  Works for both gRPC, WCF, REST and OData services!


Create gRPC, REST, WCF, and OData Test Sets


Group individual functional tests and create test sets that can be executed in one go.  Tests can be executed in parallel or in sequence.  Each test can also be executed individually and test reports are created per test case.


Quickly access gRPC, REST, WCF and OData tests from dashboard


Service clients, functional tests, performance tests and others can be "starred" and added to the dashboard for a quick 1-click access



And many more features...

Have a look at full list of features for gRPC, REST, WCF and SOAP and OData

Feature Community Personal Professional Enterprise
Call gRPC services (unary, server/client/duplex streaming)
Call REST services (all HTTP methods)
Call WCF services (all supported bindings, nettcp, custombinding etc.)
Cal OData services (with support for OData query syntax)
Save requests
Save responses
Compare and show differences between the expected and actual responses
Create and run validation rules against the response
Create and/or print PDF reports
Run a performance test (Constant Load, Incremental Load, Burst Load)
Configuration performance test parameters
For use in a professional, work-related setting
Allow for usage of multiple users